Minimum Eligibility to File Application for Nova Scotia PNP

Nova Scotia is one of the beautiful provinces of Canada. It is a 2nd smallest province with an ideal population rate. Provincial Nomination Program is one of the ways to move to Canada. Immigration to Canada is very popular in present time.

Minimum Eligibility to File Application for Nova Scotia PNP
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Canada is offering different immigration programs through which more and more immigrants are allowed to enter. This is basically for the purpose to make them eligible to invest in the Canadian business. The eligibility criteria are fixed to some extents. The government can change any rule, amend, or add at any time.

There are some eligibility criteria to apply for Canada PNP. An applicant must possess the following requirements to become eligible for NSPNP;

  • Minimum age is 21 years
  • Net business and personal assets should be worth $600000 CAD at least, which is verified by the NSOI
  • Provide details of your way of net earnings through legal means and must be verified by NSOI
  • You must have business experience, which is three years in case of business ownership and more than five years in case of senior business management
  • Undertaking to establish or purchase a business of worth $150000 CAD as an investment in Nova Scotia
  • Provide proof of language proficiency, which is verified/approved by the language testing agency
  • Your listening, speaking, writing, and reading abilities are equal to Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5

Minimum Eligibility to File Application for Nova Scotia PNP

The language testing agency under Provincial Nomination Program approved the following tests;

  • English includes two tests, which are IELTS and Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program CELPIP
  • French includes a Test d’évaluation de français (TEF). These language tests are to be held within two years of Expression of interest submission
  • You have a Canadian high school diploma or some equivalent foreign degree, which I verified by the Educational Credential Assessment. But, this must be within 5 years before EOI
  • Provide business establishment plan with the proper knowledge to explain it foolproof
  • Undertaking to reside in Nova Scotia as per the provided conditions

Canada Provincial Nomination Program is available if you possess the certain required skill set. You must show your interest to contribute to the Canadian economy through Expression of Interest. If you are from Pakistan and looking for Canadian immigration for Pakistanis then you must apply for NSPNP to pursue bright and prosperous future in Canada.


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