15 Unbelievable Facts You Must Know About Canada

Canada is a land of opportunity. Here are some unbelievable facts about world’s 2nd largest country. This country has ten provinces and three territories. Without further ado, let’s know mind-blowing facts;

Unbelievable facts about Canada

  1. World’s 2nd Largest Country

Canada has a vast area of 9985 million km square, which makes this country a 2nd largest country in the world. Moreover, Russia is at 1st number having 17.1 million km square area.

15 Unbelievable Facts You Must Know About Canada

  1. Huge Macaroni and Cheese consumption

Macaroni and cheese are the favorite food of the entire Canadians. No other nation in the world has reached the intake rate as the Canadians.

  1. Polar Bear Encounters

The example of generosity in the Canadians is to welcome the polar bears. Canadian people heartily provide a safe way to move for the polar preheaters from the Churchill city.

  1. A Land Filled with Lakes

There are a large number of lakes in Canada. As an example, the Ontario province own more than 250000 lakes, which makes this province a significant image in the world.

  1. Registered license Plates with the shape of a polar bear

Canadians offer their love for polar bears in the very interesting way. They apply for registration of their vehicles for the number plates, which are in the shape of a polar bear. This shows their love for those wild beasts.

  1. Largest Coast Line

This country has the largest coastline and full of natural sceneries for the visitors. Since coastline measurement is controversial, some maps may not show Canada having the largest coastline. But despite that, you will have a lot of beaches to enjoy in this country.

  1. Letters to Santa Claus

This is an interesting reality that every year, round about 1 million letters for Santa Claus are being written by the Canadians. Another amazing aspect of these letters is the postal code, which is “HOH OHO, North Pole, Canada.”

  1. Longest Streets in the World

Canada possesses the longest street in the world. The Yonge Street is stretched up to the mind-blowing length of 1896 km

  1. Border Without Defense

The Canada Us border is without a defense that there are no troops are deputed to save the territory of both countries.

  1. Official Phone Numbers in Canada Possess the Name of the Country

This will admire you that all official numbers in Canada are having the country name in the end. This bears some important information like services, programs, and initiatives of the Government.

  1. Flying chair

One day a Canadian citizen in Calgary flew with 100 balloons over the garden and police caught him soon after he touched the ground.

  1. No Rat in Alberta

Alberta province is quite free from rats and all its species. Therefore, Alberta is known as Rat free province of Canada in the world.

  1. Hawaiian Pizza

Hawaiian Pizza is first time made and introduced in Canada. Those who love to eat pizza also know about this fact.

15 Unbelievable Facts You Must Know About Canada

  1. Many Different Immigration Streams

There are ten provinces and three territories in Canada which are offering different immigration streams independently.

  1. Currency Used as Playing Cards

Once due to a shortage of coins, the government gives authorization to the general people to use play cards as currency notes.

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