3 Canadian Cities Become Most Livable Places in the World

As the Canada has a stable ranking in the most favorite country to live a quality life. Recently three cities touch the highest position in the list of top livable cities of the world. Moreover, the life style and health sector have become the most attractive elements among the others.

Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver are these cities and many of us know very well that these are the most favorite place for cultural and sports like activates around the world. If we put a deep eye over the report of global Livability for this current year then we will come to know that economists have seen the high graph which is very stable among the other cities.

3 Canadian Cities Become Most Livable Places in the World

Five Important Categories

Nearly one hundred and forty cities have shared the rank and five categories are become the top attractions to ascertain the quality life in them.

  1. Stability
  2. Healthcare
  3. Culture and environment
  4. Education
  5. Infrastructure

Cities Ranking in the Chart

Melbourne and Vienna are at the top two positions and Vancouver holds the third position. Now, at the number fourth Toronto and at number fifth the Calgary are fixed. The positions of Toronto, Calgary, and Melbourne are very amazing because these three cities held their position for consecutive three years.

Some Specific Points Systems

The unique points system of the report is the different point system between the Melbourne and Vancouver is only just 0.2 percent and Toronto is chasing them with the difference of 0.3 percent.

If we see the report then we observe that these 3 Canadian cities got 100 out of 100 marks in the education and health sector. On the other side, Toronto and Calgary obtained 100% marks in stability category.  Moreover, Vancouver obtained full marks in environment and culture category.

Canadian Immigration

The said report reveals that the policies of Mr. Trump lower the ranking of different countries of UK and USA. As everybody knows that security and the stability are the most important and basic elements. Immigrants from all over the world chose Canada as their favorite destination to live and work together.

Attractive Destinations for Immigrants

Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver are the most attractive destination for the immigrants across the globe. The most amazing fact of the Toronto city is that more than the half population of this city is not native. Canada has ten provinces and three categories and all of them have their own Provincial Nominee Program.

Canadian Immigration from Pakistan is now very much easy, you only need to possess the required set of skills and simply apply for your concerned immigration program. Recently an attractive program for students were on the way to allow more and more aspirants to enter in to the maple country.

Immigrants arrive at the Canada through different options as mentioned below:

  • As economic immigrant
  • Through family sponsorship category
  • Through refugee and humanitarian base

Levels Plan for Canadian Immigration in 2017

Good news for those who are planning for Canadian Immigration is that approximately 57% aspirants of the three hundred thousand in number will be utilized through the economic category. So that the Federal Express Entry system, as usual, remains the most prominent factor. Moreover, those who are planning for the first time to apply for Canadian Immigration will also get the same benefits.


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