Do You Wish to Study in British Columbia – Canadian Student Visa

Canada remains at the top in the chart of providing immigration. Whether you are a skilled person or a student there are a lot of opportunities exist in Maple country. British Columbia has many high ranked institutions which are very popular around the world.

A large number of Students across the globe wish to get admission in BC educational institutions. No matter you are applying for a recognized program or to learn the English language. If you are planning to get a student visa for BC then you must observe the required criteria.

Once you followed that procedure you will be eligible for Canadian Student Visa. There is an easy procedure available to follow and make your documentation accordingly. Important steps are provided below to follow for Study visa in British Columbia:

Choose Your Concerned Institution

Now, First of all, you should choose your concerned institution in which you want to complete your study. There are many different education programs for the students. After this, you can easily enroll yourself in that institution.

If you want to apply in different colleges or schools then you should make a quick research to find out the institutions which are offering your desired program. Moreover, it is very important to check whether your selected institution is recognized by the British Columbia Government.

Do You Wish to Study in British Columbia - Canadian Student Visa

After completing all the necessary steps for selection of institution. Now, if you qualify for the applied course then you will get an acceptance letter. Here is an important step you must take, after getting acceptance letter inquire about the available scholarship to meet the academic needs and living expenses.

Quickly Apply for Study Permit

After getting an acceptance letter, if your course if more than six months duration and you don’t have PR then you must apply to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada for a Study Permit.

Once you got an acceptance letter from the institution, without any delay apply for study permit because the whole procedure will take more than thirty days to complete.

Attachments with Study permit request/application:

  • Attach the proof of acceptance of your admission from the concerned institution
  • Attach the proof that you can easily pamper yourself and afford all study and living expenses (Bank statement as proof)

The next step is to apply for TR visa (Temporary Resident Visa) because you have to live in the province for a certain period and complete your study program.

Verification after Arrival at Canada

After landing in Canada you will have to show/provide your all necessary documents which Canadian Border Services Officer require, as mentioned below:

  • Your Passport.
  • Your TR visa.
  • Reference letter provided by the concerned visa office to whom you were applied.
  • Proof of approved study application.
  • Your financial status that you can afford all your expenses to study and live in Canada.
  • Acceptance letter issued by your concerned institution to which you have applied for enrollment.

Apply for Temporary Work Permit

After getting your regular lectures of the applied course, you must apply for TWP (Temporary Work Permit) which makes you to eligible to work during your study. For more details, you must visit (IRCC) Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

In the work permit, you can get permission for up to 20 hours daily during your stay for study. To Live and study in Canada is very difficult but you can afford easily if you work there in British Columbia.

Canadian Student Visa is the most favorite visa for those who want to study and get permanent residence in Canada. Moreover, your TWP will provide you maximum chances for PR because after getting a work permit you will gain experience and learn the ways to live earning.


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