New Immigration Scheme for Ottawa (OINP)

Canadian Immigration is the most favorite destination for the immigrants. There are ten provinces and three territories which offer Provincial Nominee Programs. If you possess the certain set of requirements then you are eligible to apply.

Ottawa is the most attractive province of Canada. This province is high ranked in job generating provinces. New immigration stream is started form April 1st, 2013. This stream is now very popular worldwide. If you are a businessman or an industrialist then you can avail this opportunity.

This is also called as Start-up Visa. Under this head you will get a permit, this permit will connect the overseas industrialists and businessmen into one segment. Under the Canadian Immigration Structure, the main component is a chain of modification in transformation. This scheme will boost the whole immigration system and make it more flexible for the applicants.

New Immigration Scheme for Ottawa (OINP)

If you are a Pakistani National and looking for OINP then this is an ideal scheme for you if you possess the certain set of requirements. Moreover, you can enjoy the equal rights and privileges as the Canadian Nationals can enjoy. This equality is also for those who are entering Canada form other countries of the world.

Through this scheme, you can get permanent residency easily. Actually, Canada wants to boost its economy and allow more and more immigrants to enter. Canada always looks forward to potential immigrants and each PNP is according to the requirement of the respective province.

The entrepreneurs from the world must fulfill the required criterion to get nomination certificate from the government of Ottawa. There are some requirements as under:

  • Language Skills.
  • Educational Record.
  • No Criminal Record.
  • Certain Set of Required Skills.
  • Nomination Certificate.

These are some basic requirements to Immigration under this scheme. Ottawa is full of natural resources and having a friendly community. Moreover, Canada possesses the multiculturalism and very adjustable, flexible and friendly laws for the newcomers.

This is the great time to adjust in Canada. There is an online application system for the applicants. If you are looking for Canadian Immigration and possess the required skills then you must apply for this scheme. OINP has the same criteria for the applicants as for the other PNPs.


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