British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program Details

Canada has ten provinces and three territories and BC is one of its successful jobs generating province. This province aims to pick up the qualified candidates who are willing to contribute to the economy of this province.  British Columbia is providing two main categories for Immigration to Canada.

Moreover, this province has separate Express Entry programs/categories. Without further ado, let’s discuss the two categories:

  1. Business Immigration
  2. Skilled Immigration

Business Immigration

The basic aim of this category is to allow those candidates who are showing their interest to settle in BC. This will allow you get permanent residence in Canada. The main purpose of this immigration to get a helping hand from the wealthy immigrants and get boost the economy of the province.

Moving for Canada

If you get the invitation to apply then you must sign an agreement to perform in the selected business category. This business immigration is further divided into three following categories:

  • Regional Entrepreneur Category

If you are a business class candidate then you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must accommodate with a job to the Canadian citizen/permanent resident;
  • You must show your personal worth of $400,000;
  • You must invest in the two major areas of BC, your investment is of at least $200,000 to invest in Abbotsford and Vancouver which are the two main Metropolitans;
  • You must show your full participation in the Day to Day management in the eligible business;
  • As you read earlier, you must sign an agreement of performance with the British Columbia provincial government;


  • Entrepreneur Category

Following are the requirement for this category:

  • You must provide jobs to three Canadian nationals/permanent residents in your business;
  • You must show your net worth of $800,000;
  • You must show your personal investment of $400 000 which you will use to establish your eligible business and use in the expansion of it;
  • You must actively work in your eligible business and show the Day to Day activity in it;
  • There is an agreement of performance which you have to sign with the government of British Columbia;


  • Strategic Projects Category

If you are Business Company and willing to establish a business in BC then this will be a good option for you. This immigration will provide you a lot of benefits and after spending required period there in Canada then you can apply for permanent residence. But, you must have a net investment of $500 000 for your required eligible business. If you are a Pakistani national and looking to invest in Canada then this category is the best option for you.

Skills Immigration

Skilled Immigration has following five sub-categories;

  1. International Graduates
  2. International Post-Graduates
  3. Skilled Workers
  4. Entry-Level and Semi-Skilled Workers
  5. Health Care Professionals

If you are planning to Move for Canada then present time is best to make your dreams true. There are different programs are available for you either you are Pakistani national or from any other country. Immigration to Canada is the most favorite destination because of its attractive immigration categories.


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