8 Important Questions about Immigration to Canada

There are a lot of questions which arises in the mind of every immigrant who is planning to Move to Canada. Sometimes applicants missed to understand the different kinds of Canadian Immigration. Do not worry here are the 9 most important questions and their answers about Immigration to Canada.

What are these provincial nominee programs?

Provincial Nominee Programs are introduced by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The basic purpose of these programs is to choose the prospective applicants. So, these applicants contribute to the economic development of Canada.

Whether Quebec is a Part of Provincial Nominee Program or not?

The simple answer to this question is yes! Moreover, there is an agreement between Government of Canada and Quebec province. This agreement gives a full authority to select applicants who desire to settle in this province. This province has its own criteria to select the applicants having required a set of skills.

Does Provincial Nomination Serve as a Pre-requisite for Canadian Immigration?

You can immigrate to Canada without Obtaining a Provincial Nomination, but this process is quite difficult and lengthy. Moreover, there are very few chances to get Permanent Residence without obtaining Provincial Nomination Certificate.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Provincial Nomination?

If you want to move to Canada quickly, then Provincial Nomination is the best way to achieve your target. This Program will enhance your chances for Canadian Permanent Resident visa.

Move to Canada

Where to File an Application under the Provincial Nominee Program?

After selecting the desired Province of Canada, you can file your application to the government of your selected province. When you provide the details of the required set of skills then the concerned province issue you an invitation to apply.

Does getting a Provincial Nomination is sufficient to obtain Canadian Immigration Visa?

When you receive Provincial Nomination then you must provide your information to satisfy IRCC. This information will consist of your authenticity of provided documents, your physical health, and security etc.

What is the criterion of Provincial Nominee Program?

You must show your intention to settle in your selected province. Moreover, below are some very important requirements which you must fulfill to get Immigration to Canada.

  • Required Education
  • Details of your close relations in your selected province
  • Your abilities to adapt to life in your concerned province
  • You must have a successful job offer
  • You must possess the French and/or English language skills
  • You must have experience for the specific skills critical of the province

What is a “base” Provincial Nomination?

Canada has ten provinces and three territories which offer Provincial Nominee Programs. If you are an eligible candidate then the respective province award you Nomination certificate. Moreover, this PNP works outside the ambit of Express Entry System.

The “Base” nominations are actually a special kind of nomination which gives a second chance to those candidates who failed to provide certain requirements. There are two steps involved for the permanent residence, first to receive the base nomination and then you can apply for PR in Canada.

If you are a Pakistani individual and want to Move to Canada then you must apply in any one of the Provincial Nominee Programs. The present time is very important for those individuals who are planning to get Immigration to Canada, because, Canada has introduced more than 10 PNPs to boost its economy.


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