5 Important Nominee Programs for Nova Scotia (NSNP)

Nova Scotia is an attractive province of Canada. Though it’s a small province but it has more than 3000 small islands. This province is the favorite destination for the tourists across the globe. Halifax is the capital of this province. Nova Scotia belongs to the Maritimes region of the Canada. This province has beautiful Breton Island and Nova Scotia Peninsula. This province connected to the vast sea that is why it is famous for many attractive coastal beauties.

If you possess certain required skills and experience then you are eligible for this Nominee Program. If you are from Pakistan and looking for Immigration to Canada for Pakistani, then this NSNP is the best opportunity for you.

Following are the important Nominee Programs for you.

  1. Skilled Worker Stream
  2. Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry
  3. Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry
  4. International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream
  5. Entrepreneur

Skilled Worker Stream

This Nominee Program is for you if you have a valid job offer from a Nova Scotia employer. If you are a skilled, semi-skilled and low-skilled worker then you are eligible for this stream.

Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry

Immigration to Canada

Nova Scotia directly follows the rules of the federal government Express Entry immigration system. This stream is temporarily closed for few years but now the government is ready to get applications from the applicants. Nova Scotia government wants to pick the eligible candidates to form this program. Through this program highly skilled individuals and having post-secondary education certificate or degree will be picked up. Nova Scotia program has 29 occupations and you can apply to any one of them and get settle in this province.

Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry

If you are looking for permanent residence in Nova Scotia then this program is actually for you. This program is based on work experience for one year under the Nova Scotia employer. The highly skilled individuals across the world may seek permanent residence in this province.

International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

If you are an international graduate then this program is quite favorable for you. This is a specific program for the graduates and if you possess the following requirements then you can apply for this stream.

  • You have completed a full-time study of at least 2 years.
  • You must possess a degree from any of the recognized college or university of Nova Scotia.
  • You have a clear intention to settle in the province.
  • If you are running a business in this province then you have completed the required time span of one year in Nova Scotia.

Entrepreneur Stream

This Entrepreneur Stream targets those applicants who are ready to start their own business or acquire any active business in Nova Scotia and settle permanently in Nova Scotia Province.

Canada has eight provinces and each province offers a provincial nominee program to the applicants. Immigration to Canada is now very popular because each province has its own streams to attract the immigrants from the world. If you want to get immigration and settle in Canada then it is the best time to make your dreams true.


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