New Online Ontario Immigration Application System

Canada Immigration is very popular among the immigrants. There are eight provinces of Canada which are providing Provincial Nominee Programs. Ontario is the most attractive province of Canada due to its natural resources. Ontario government has made few important policies for its Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP).

These Provincial Programs are available for immigrants to enter into Canada and boost economy. The government of Ontario taking bold steps to improve it Provincial Nominee Program by taking online application forms from the candidates. If you want to get Ontario immigration then you must apply online. This new system is also applicable to Pakistani candidates who are looking for Canadian Immigration for Pakistani.

Immigration to Canada

There are a lot of benefits as well as opportunities available in Ontario immigration, therefore, many applicants prefer Ontario over the other provinces of Canada. Ontario Immigration Nominee Program is the most successful category in Canadian Immigration. This immigration system makes you able to file an application online which reduces the processing time. If you put a deep eye over the statement of the Ontario government, you will clearly come to know that Ontario government wants to reduce immigration processing time with its online application system 2017.

Ontario’s Government Original Statement

“The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) has fulfilled its 2016 federal nomination allocation. The OINP will continue to process applications. Any additional nominations will go towards Ontario’s 2017 allocation. The OINP will continue to introduce online application systems in 2017 to make it easier for clients to apply and improve processing times,” stated on the official website of Ontario

This online application system will reduce the processing time for application. This statement clearly shows the intention of Ontario’s government that government wants to facilitate its applicants and avoid the time taking scrutiny process. As you know that in May 2016 Ontario government put a temporary hold on receiving a new application, but after introducing this new online application system we hope that Ontario government will reopen or launch in next few months.

Canadian Immigration is the famous destination among the immigrants across the world. Provincial Nominee Program is the most attractive as well as most favorite for those who want to get immigration to Canada quickly and settles into the life of Canada.


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