3 Canadian Cities Become Most Livable Places in the World

Canadian Immigration from Pakistan

As the Canada has a stable ranking in the most favorite country to live a quality life. Recently three cities touch the highest position in the list of top livable cities of the world. Moreover, the life style and health sector have become the most attractive elements among the others.

Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver are these cities and many of us know very well that these are the most favorite place for cultural and sports like activates around the world. If we put a deep eye over the report of global Livability for this current year then we will come to know that economists have seen the high graph which is very stable among the other cities.

3 Canadian Cities Become Most Livable Places in the World

Five Important Categories

Nearly one hundred and forty cities have shared the rank and five categories are become the top attractions to ascertain the quality life in them.

  1. Stability
  2. Healthcare
  3. Culture and environment
  4. Education
  5. Infrastructure

Cities Ranking in the Chart

Melbourne and Vienna are at the top two positions and Vancouver holds the third position. Now, at the number fourth Toronto and at number fifth the Calgary are fixed. The positions of Toronto, Calgary, and Melbourne are very amazing because these three cities held their position for consecutive three years.

Some Specific Points Systems

The unique points system of the report is the different point system between the Melbourne and Vancouver is only just 0.2 percent and Toronto is chasing them with the difference of 0.3 percent.

If we see the report then we observe that these 3 Canadian cities got 100 out of 100 marks in the education and health sector. On the other side, Toronto and Calgary obtained 100% marks in stability category.  Moreover, Vancouver obtained full marks in environment and culture category.

Canadian Immigration

The said report reveals that the policies of Mr. Trump lower the ranking of different countries of UK and USA. As everybody knows that security and the stability are the most important and basic elements. Immigrants from all over the world chose Canada as their favorite destination to live and work together.

Attractive Destinations for Immigrants

Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver are the most attractive destination for the immigrants across the globe. The most amazing fact of the Toronto city is that more than the half population of this city is not native. Canada has ten provinces and three categories and all of them have their own Provincial Nominee Program.

Canadian Immigration from Pakistan is now very much easy, you only need to possess the required set of skills and simply apply for your concerned immigration program. Recently an attractive program for students were on the way to allow more and more aspirants to enter in to the maple country.

Immigrants arrive at the Canada through different options as mentioned below:

  • As economic immigrant
  • Through family sponsorship category
  • Through refugee and humanitarian base

Levels Plan for Canadian Immigration in 2017

Good news for those who are planning for Canadian Immigration is that approximately 57% aspirants of the three hundred thousand in number will be utilized through the economic category. So that the Federal Express Entry system, as usual, remains the most prominent factor. Moreover, those who are planning for the first time to apply for Canadian Immigration will also get the same benefits.


Do You Wish to Study in British Columbia – Canadian Student Visa

Canada remains at the top in the chart of providing immigration. Whether you are a skilled person or a student there are a lot of opportunities exist in Maple country. British Columbia has many high ranked institutions which are very popular around the world.

A large number of Students across the globe wish to get admission in BC educational institutions. No matter you are applying for a recognized program or to learn the English language. If you are planning to get a student visa for BC then you must observe the required criteria.

Once you followed that procedure you will be eligible for Canadian Student Visa. There is an easy procedure available to follow and make your documentation accordingly. Important steps are provided below to follow for Study visa in British Columbia:

Choose Your Concerned Institution

Now, First of all, you should choose your concerned institution in which you want to complete your study. There are many different education programs for the students. After this, you can easily enroll yourself in that institution.

If you want to apply in different colleges or schools then you should make a quick research to find out the institutions which are offering your desired program. Moreover, it is very important to check whether your selected institution is recognized by the British Columbia Government.

Do You Wish to Study in British Columbia - Canadian Student Visa

After completing all the necessary steps for selection of institution. Now, if you qualify for the applied course then you will get an acceptance letter. Here is an important step you must take, after getting acceptance letter inquire about the available scholarship to meet the academic needs and living expenses.

Quickly Apply for Study Permit

After getting an acceptance letter, if your course if more than six months duration and you don’t have PR then you must apply to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada for a Study Permit.

Once you got an acceptance letter from the institution, without any delay apply for study permit because the whole procedure will take more than thirty days to complete.

Attachments with Study permit request/application:

  • Attach the proof of acceptance of your admission from the concerned institution
  • Attach the proof that you can easily pamper yourself and afford all study and living expenses (Bank statement as proof)

The next step is to apply for TR visa (Temporary Resident Visa) because you have to live in the province for a certain period and complete your study program.

Verification after Arrival at Canada

After landing in Canada you will have to show/provide your all necessary documents which Canadian Border Services Officer require, as mentioned below:

  • Your Passport.
  • Your TR visa.
  • Reference letter provided by the concerned visa office to whom you were applied.
  • Proof of approved study application.
  • Your financial status that you can afford all your expenses to study and live in Canada.
  • Acceptance letter issued by your concerned institution to which you have applied for enrollment.

Apply for Temporary Work Permit

After getting your regular lectures of the applied course, you must apply for TWP (Temporary Work Permit) which makes you to eligible to work during your study. For more details, you must visit (IRCC) Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

In the work permit, you can get permission for up to 20 hours daily during your stay for study. To Live and study in Canada is very difficult but you can afford easily if you work there in British Columbia.

Canadian Student Visa is the most favorite visa for those who want to study and get permanent residence in Canada. Moreover, your TWP will provide you maximum chances for PR because after getting a work permit you will gain experience and learn the ways to live earning.

Amazing Hidden Fact for Professionals – Australian Immigration

There is a lot of space for professionals who are willing to get Immigration to Australia. If you have certain required set of skills then you can easily get Immigration. Moreover, if you are a Pakistani national and planning for skilled immigration to this country then you must read the following details.

Without further ado, let’s put a deep eye over the important aspects given below:

Young Professionals

There is staff shortages, good working conditions, a high-quality health care system, and an outstanding quality of life and standard of living make Australia a tempting prospect for medical professionals to work as doctors in Australia.

The main reason for this being Australia seems to have struck a good balance between public health care funding and private health care provision. This makes Australia a leading country in getting medical migrants.

Amazing Hidden Fact for Professionals – Australian Immigration

To utilize these comfortable benefits and work environment, certain things to be taken care of are:

  1. All doctors working in Australia are required to register with the relevant state or territory medical board. The standards for these differ between states.
  2. It is vital to have immigration forms, health checks and character checks in hand while working in Australia as which would be needed any time for police record disclosures or for tax filing in Australian Tax Office.

All these, if not done would put medical young professionals in Australia in trouble. However, if followed they are sure to find a great work environment.

Moreover, there are some more important points to read:

  1. Important Handy Documents

Young professionals in Australia engaged in any kind of job, whether temporary or permanent, part- or full-time, always must have in hand proof of their qualifications, training, and experience, relevant visa form, passport, health, and character checked documents, plus copies of references and an up-to-date curriculum vitae.

  1. Work Environment

The most important attribute to get along well in the work environment while working in Australia is the ability to speak English fluently. Skilled labor is obviously an advantage, but so is speaking the English language. Most countries are harder to get into if you do not speak English.

Some of the specific attributes that are needed by young professionals while working in Australia are:

  1. Australians are friendly and open, but directness and brevity are valued.
  2. Being punctual is work while working Australia is very critical.
  3. Maintain good eye contact during meetings and conversations.
  4. Opinions are respected, and opinionated discussions are entertaining.
  5. Shake hands when meeting and when leaving in work.
  6. Exchanging business cards is common among professional workers.
  7. Gift giving is not a common practice in business.

If you are a young and determined professional then there is a lot of working vacuum for you. Through Australian Immigration, you can make your dreams true in a very short time. As it is clear from the above discussion that Australians are very friendly and generous by nature. The laws in Australia are very easy to follow.

Different Ways to Move to Canada – Canadian Immigration

Canadian Immigration is a wonderful experience for all citizens of world irrespective of race and religion. Canada is a multicultural society and a great place to live and gives numerous opportunities to newcomers. The prominent immigrant’s groups in Canada are Americans, Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis, and Filipinos.

The Canadian government is pleased to welcome thousands of immigrants from all over the world. More than 245,000 people immigrated to Canada in 2008 under skilled worker category.

Canadian Government has established a body namely CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) to assist people who want to immigrate. CIC has defined some policies and procedures for Immigration. The most famous category of Immigration defined by CIC is Skilled Worker, in which an individual has to attain minimum 67 points to get eligible under skilled worker.

Different Ways to Move to Canada – Canadian Immigration

The 67 points are based on age, experience, qualification, language skills and adaptability. In addition, you have to have at least 1-year experience in the defined professions list by CIC. These occupations are the most demanded occupations in Canadian job market nowadays. There is a total of 38 hot occupations.

The other methods through which you can immigrate to Canada are:

  1. Family Sponsorship: If you have a blood relative in Canada you can immigrate to Canada easily.
  2. Work Permit: If a job has been offered to you by a Canadian employer then you can get a work permit and after working in Canada for 2 years you can be a permanent resident.
  3. Study Permit: If you get admission in any college or university of Canada you will be issued a study permit by your local Canadian High Commission. After completion of your studies, the government will grant you the status of Immigrant.
  4. Business Class: If you want to invest a heavy capital in Canada (approx 250,000 CAD) then you can get immigration.

5 Refugee and Protection: This category applies on those who have a threat of their life in their home country. Canadian government assists these kinds of people and give them the residence in Canada with refugee status.

These are some important and effective ways to move to Canada. Canadian Immigration is very attractive for the immigrants because it offers many types of immigration programs. Each province of Canada offers Canadian Immigration to the prospering candidates.

Filipino dairy workers given path to residency

Filipino dairy workers in the South Island are relieved they will become eligible for residence under a new visa – despite having initially used false documents to get a work permit.

A visa scam in 2015 involving the dairy workers revealed a problem with some documents which exaggerated experience or qualifications.

That would not be held against those workers still in New Zealand if they met all the other criteria for the new South Island Contribution work visa, said Immigration New Zealand.

A new one-off visa will allow the roughly 4000 South Island temporary migrants to stay.

Standard character requirements would apply for the visa, but Immigration New Zealand said it would waive the good-character requirement if the Filipino dairy workers had done nothing else wrong.

Filipino dairy workers given path to residency

Filipino Dairy Workers Association chair and farm manager Earl Magtibay said some Filipinos on temporary visas had been losing hope of becoming New Zealanders, but this development gave them a new opportunity.

“It’s fair enough that they be given a second chance as long as they’ll be honest in their (next) applications with Immigration.

“Because after all, it’s their hard work and work ethics that brings them to where they are now in the industry,” he said.

Bob Bolanos, who runs a dairy farm in Rangiora, agreed that it was great news as many Filipino workers were worried that every time they had to renew their temporary visa, they would be sent home.

“A lot of them have come to New Zealand in good faith and a lot of them are actually victims of recruiters who have manipulated their paper work to be able to get them here.

“They work hard, they pay their taxes, they’re law abiding. There’s no reason not to give them an opportunity to become part of the community,” he said.

Ben De’Ath, from dairy recruitment agency Cross Country, said it was a pragmatic move by Immigration New Zealand because the sector would be crippled without the Filipino workers.

“The purpose of this South Island Contribution visa scheme is to recognise the contributions of people to isolated parts of New Zealand where it’s near-on impossible to find local staff.

“And granting residence to temporary work visas holders is not going to jeopardise the local labour market,” he said. Source: radionz.co

Asylum seekers fear for safety ahead of relocation

Asylum seekers fear for safety ahead of relocation

Asylum seekers and human rights groups say Papua New Guinea’s decision to relocate hundreds of people held in an Australian-run detention centre at Manus Island to a remote town will expose them to violence and inadequate medical care.

“We are concerned that these men are being moved to a place with even higher security risks than Manus Island and one that has inadequate facilities to deal with people who require medical treatment,” said Kate Schuetze, Pacific researcher for Amnesty International.

PNG Immigration officials told asylum seekers on Monday that part of the controversial Manus Island camp, north of the PNG mainland, would close on May 28, with the rest of the compound to shut on June 30, Reuters news agency reported.

PNG officials could not be reached immediately for comment.

The relocation of detainees comes as PNG prepares to close the centre at the end of October when the contract of the camp operator Ferrovial ends.

The centre, which is currently home to more than 800 people, was deemed illegal by PNG’s Supreme Court last year.

Asylum seekers fear for safety ahead of relocation

“The centre won’t close drop dead on October 31. They will start to decommission parts of the centre in the run up,” Peter Dutton, Australia’s Immigration Minister, told 3AW radio in the Australian city of Melbourne.

The 700 men found to be genuine refugees have been told that they have the option of temporarily relocating to a transit centre near the town of Lorengau, settling in the PNG community or returning to their countries of origin, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reported.

Those whose claims have been rejected have been told to return to their countries of origin before the end of August, when a 20,000 Australian dollars ($14,842) cash incentive to return home will cease.

‘Manus prison is full of tension’

Those held on Manus Island are allowed to travel to Lorengau during the day but nearly all choose to remain in the detention centre amid allegations of assaults and threats against them by residents.

Detainees waiting to be accepted by the US in a refugee resettlement deal, which US President Donald Trump described as “dumb”, will be settled in a remote area near Lorengau – a major town in the island.

The deal to take asylum seekers from Manus Island and Nauru to the US was reached between the Australian government and the administration of former US President Barack Obama.

Behrouz Boochani, a Kurdish Iranian who has been in detention for four years said via his Twitter account that “Manus prison is full of tension”.

“I am sure the refugees will resist and they will have to use force. I think there will be a big riot,” Boochani told ABC.

Funded by Australia, the two remote camps in Nauru and Manus Island were set up in 2013 to detain asylum seekers indefinitely, who arrive by boat.

Under Australia’s controversial immigration laws, anyone intercepted while trying to reach the country by boat is sent for processing to these camps. They are never eligible to be resettled in Australia.

Manus Island and Nauru asylum centres have been condemned by human rights groups and the United Nations for cramped conditions, violence and inadequate medical facilities. Source: aljazeera

The Easiest Way to Enter in the Maple Country

Maple Country welcomes the immigrants with open arms. This country has become the most attractive destination for the nationals of the world. Millions of aspirants every year want to get immigration for this beautiful country. To make their dreams true Canadian Immigration has launched different streams for the prospering immigrants.

Provincial Nominee Program is the most attractive immigration program among the other programs. PNP is the fastest way to enter Canada easily and quickly. There are ten provinces and three territories which are providing nominations to the applicants. You can say this PNP is the alternative track for the Permanent Residence in Canada.

Some of the provinces of Canada have an agreement upon the nominations with the central government. According to these agreements, each province allows eligible applicants to become the part of maple country.  First of all, an aspirant who chooses the province to settle and live there. The very second step is to complete the nomination process.

The Easiest Way to Enter in the Maple Country

As it is described earlier that those candidates who have not selected in Federal Skilled Worker category, they can use this alternative way to get Immigration to Canada. Each province and territory of Maple country are offering the PNP for the skilled immigrants. If you are a skilled worker, professional, businessman, or relative to the Canadian National then you can get immigration to Canada.

There are eight most popular territories and provinces in Canada:

  1. Prince Edward Island
  2. New Brunswick
  3. Saskatchewan
  4. British Columbia
  5. Ontario
  6. Alberta
  7. Manitoba
  8. Nova Scotia

Once you are nominated as provincial nominee then you can make an application for citizenship. The Department of CIC assesses the application according to the immigration regulations. After being scrutinized, the applicant has to undergo the medical examination and show is a good character.

The individuals who have a certain set of skill, education, business experience, and working experience may apply for Canadian Immigration. Nowadays PNP is the right and effective way to move the Maple country.  This PNP will lead the individual to the destination of Canadian Citizenship.

Plunge in Kiwis granted permanent residency in Australia

The figures follow rising trans-Tasman tensions over Australian changes to visas, its hike in university fees, and fears New Zealand is a soft backdoor route for migrants.

Official figures show that only 45 New Zealanders were granted permanent residency in Australia in the eight months to February this year, compared with a high of 2500 in the 2012-13 year.

Aussie Malcolm, who was New Zealand’s Immigration Minister under Sir Rob Muldoon, said it was time for the government here to respond.

“I don’t think it’s deliberate, I think it simply arises from the fact that Aussies think that we are not like them. Aussies see New Zealanders as foreigners who have to be controlled, that we’re some sort of a threat.”

Mr Malcolm, who is now an immigration consultant, said New Zealand needed to start treating Australians who stayed here the same way.

“And maybe it’s time that we’ve just gotta say, ‘I’m sorry, if you want to come and live in New Zealand, be treated like the rest of the world’.

“Because this prejudice by Australians against New Zealanders has gone on and on for 20, 25 years – I think it’s time for New Zealand to call it quits.”

Mr Malcolm said the Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangement was dead because there was no mutual respect.

Plunge in Kiwis granted permanent residency in Australia

Prime Minister Bill English has scotched suggestions of a tit-for-tat exchange, but also said Australia had given no assurance there would not be more policy changes that would affect New Zealanders across the Tasman.

A new pathway to Australian citizenship for New Zealanders will kick in on 1 July, but requires permanent residency and a hefty wage.

Some Kiwis seeking citizenship in Australia said there had been contradictory statements from the Australian government about how it would work.

Kent Peters, who lives in Perth and just got citizenship, said his wife Liesl was uncertain if she would be on the one-year fast-track or the new four-year slow-track announced in Canberra recently.

“One of the reasons the numbers has dropped is that it’s an expensive process to do, the cost for the visas themselves is in excess of a few thousand dollars to apply,” Mr Peters said.

A family of four with two children under 18 will pay $A7200 to get permanent residency, then another $A570 total for citizenship.

There has also been a drop in spousal visa numbers, with fees doubling in three years to almost $A7000 per visa.

Perth immigration lawyer Alisdair Putt said uncertainty was prompting many New Zealanders to get in touch with him.

“We’re getting questioned a lot by New Zealand passport holders,” he said.

“So one of the things we’ve done is we’ve published on our blog that it may be worthwhile for people thinking about making citizenship applications … to consider sooner rather than later.

“Because, who knows when the legislative changes will be made and what date they’ll come into effect from.” Source: radionz

How to Sponsor Children for Canadian Immigration?

How to Sponsor Children for Canadian Immigration?

Canada is a very friendly country for the immigrants. Laws in this country are very easy to follow. If someone is settled in the Maple country then he/her also has a wish to live with his/her family. Canadian Immigration offers different scenarios in which you can sponsor your family.

Following are some authentic ways to sponsor family members:

  1. Sponsorship for Parents
  2. Living Alone
  3. Orphan
  4. Independent Immigrant

Sponsorship for Parents

Under this head of sponsorship, you can sponsor the parent so that the parent becomes eligible to sponsor his or her child for Canada. It is very important that the child must be under 22 years of age or younger than 22 years. If the child’s age is more than 22 years then he/she must be a student and cannot pamper himself. Meaning thereby he/she must be dependent at this age or above.

How to Sponsor Children for Canadian Immigration?

Living Alone

Once you have attained the status of PR then you may sponsor any of your siblings. You have to satisfy the government that you have no other relative in the country. You can also sponsor your cousins, uncles, grandparents, and nephews or nieces.


It is mentioned in the immigration bill that if you have an adult sibling who is an orphan, single, and less than 18 years of age, then you can sponsor him/her to live with you in Canada. On the other hand, there is only one way to sponsor after employing that sibling by indirect means.

Independent Immigrant

If you cannot avail the above-mentioned process to sponsor your sibling then your older sibling can apply as an Independent Immigrant. To qualify for this head you must obtain 67 points as required by the CIC. Moreover, if your sibling lacks in point then he/she is required some additional marks to qualify. Following are few requirements which give extra points.

  • He/She must have a valid job offer which should be approved by the HRSDC (Huma Resources and Development Canada.
  • He/She must have 1-year work experience form a company in this country.
  • He/She has to study for two years in recognized institution in Canada.

The above mentioned are few authentic ways to sponsor your family. Moreover, Canadian Immigration is also available through PNP (Provincial Nominee Program). You can also check whether your sibling is eligible for PNP or not. There are a lot of immigration heads under which immigration to Canada is possible.

Why Students Wants to Study in Canada – Canadian Student Visa

Why Students Wants to Study in Canada – Canadian Student Visa

Canadian educational institutions are very popular among the students. Every student wants to get Canadian Student Visa. This country allocates highest funds for the education sector.  The students who have completed their education are settled in their life and pursuing their bright future.

These institutions offer different types of practical as well as theoretical courses. If you are a Pakistani national and planning to study in Canada then this is the best time to make your dreams true. There are a lot of opportunities for qualified students of best Canadian universities.

The students who are looking for permanent residence in Canada then this student visa will help them a lot. If you put a deep eye over the point system in Canada then you will come to know that those students who have completed their education in the country can get extra points. Moreover, if any student has Canadian education then he has no need for Educational credential assessment to make himself eligible for the Express entry in Canada.

Why Students Wants to Study in Canada – Canadian Student Visa

There are different programs available for students. Their duration is different from each other. there are some courses for one year and some for two years. If you are looking for four years study or master program in Canada then you can avail these two educations easily. Canadian universities are giving opportunities to its students with a master degree in one or two years.

There is a walk safe program in Canada through which students of Canadian institutions can travel safely in the country. The students from different countries can enjoy the same privileges as the born Canadian students can enjoy. This unique aspect makes the Canadian education much different from the education of different countries.

Before applying for Canadian Student Visa, you must prepare yourself to pay the tuition fees. If you are planning to get admission in the undergraduate course then you must deposit 12,000 to 40,000 Canadian dollars for your education fee. There are some other fees are to be deposit by the student is as under:

  • Fee for Administration is 100 CAD.
  • Fee for a Study Permit is 150 CAD.
  • You must have 600 CAD for the residence on rent.

The Canadian government provides a lot of assistance to the students who preferred Canada as their study destination. You can get assistance on different issues regarding residence, health, study programs and traveling routes. Canadian Student Visa is very popular for many years because it provides different types of study programs as well as an opportunity to pursue a bright future.