Student Visa for Australia is the Best Choice

Australia is the most favorite destination among the students across the globe. If you put a deep eye over the list of top educational institutes of the world, you will come to know that Australia possesses highest number of educational institutions.

There are seven universities in Australia who are listed in the top 100 universities in the world. This makes the Student Visa for Australia more attractive for the students from all over the world. If you are a student of any developing country like Pakistan then Australia will be your smart choice for study.

Student Visa for Australia is the Best Choice

Presently, there are approximately 1100 institutions in Australia who are offering a large number of study programs for the international students. According to the data available in U21 National System of Higher Education, Australia placed at 8th number in the list where Japan, Germany, and Netherland also possess an attractive place. In fact, the reputation of institutes in Australia attracting the students to get study visa and become the part of this fame.

Australian institutes providing a quality education to its students. A record shows that about 2.5 million or more students are enrolled and they have completed their degree successfully. After completing their education, they have a superb professional career in Australia. The whole Australia laws are quite friendly for the students and the culture of this country is very adoptive in nature.

Among the qualified students of Australia, 15 students are Nobel Prize Winners. This factor enhances the credibility the Australian Institutions and also witnesses the quality education in its institutes. On the other hand, there are a lot of inventions which are made by the talented and brilliant students of Australia.

We are using Penicillin to cure our diseases, a vaccine to cure cervical cancer, Wi-Fi to connect our smart devices with the internet, evaluate the E.D.D, and growth of the child in the womb through ultrasonography are the astonish inventions by the students of the Australian Universities.

Student Visa for Australia is the Best Choice

There are a lot of students who are applying for Student Visa for Australia. The application number increases every year. The students who want to do some work to meet their extra needs in Australia can work during their study tenure. If you have completed your degree then you can apply for Permanent Residence in Australia.

Student Visa for Australia category is available for you either you want to get study visa first time or you want to renew your current study visa. Before filling your application, you must keep in hand all the important documents and details of your family to save your time and reduce difficulties at the moment.


Top 3 Helping Tips to Improve Your Rankings for Express Entry Canada

Top 3 Helping Tips to Improve Your Rankings for Express Entry Canada

If you are looking for permanent residence in Canada via Express Entry, then your best option is to work on your profile and ranking. Once you are able to achieve a high-ranking score and have a solid profile, you will become an eligible candidate for immigration. As a result, you will receive immigration to Canada through Express Entry.

The government of Canada uses an innovative ranking system to determine the eligibility of candidates for Express Entry. It relies on important factors such as your spouse and his/her qualification and requirement of human capital. The ranking also depends on the nature of your skill, whether it’s transferable or not.

Top 3 Helping Tips to Improve Your Rankings for Express Entry Canada

Once you have submitted your profile, you will be ranked. The government will take applications from the highest-ranked applicants for immigration. Therefore, your best bet to qualify for Canadian immigration is to improve your rank and profile before you apply for Express Entry.

Without further ado, let’s discuss how to improve your ranking for Express Entry in Canada.

1- The Maximum points Through Provincial Nominee Program?

There are two useful keys available for candidates to get at least 600 points. The first key is to improve Comprehensive Ranking System score by obtaining nomination certificate from any province of Canada, the second key is for those candidates who do not have nomination certificate from any province of Canada, those candidates can get Invitation to Apply for permanent residence. Through this key, they will get 600 points which are available in CRC in an Express Entry Draw.

PNP is the best way to get Canadian Permanent Residence, this way is open for candidates from all over the world. There are 10 provinces of Canada and each province can issue nomination certificate to any candidate under CRC. This Program is also favorable to Canadian Immigration for Pakistani candidates they can apply for nomination certificate from any Canadian Province.

2- Successful Job offer

On the way to get Canadian Immigration the second important aspect is to get Successful Job Offer from an Employer in Canada. If you qualify for a job offer you can get 200 or 50 points from this job offer. These points will improve your profile and place you in high ranking for Canada Immigration Points.

Moreover, the point distribution is of two kinds for a qualified job offer;

  • You can get 200 points if your job is from Major Group of (NOC) National Occupational Classification.
  • You can get 50 points if your job is other than from Major Group of NOC.

This criterion is same for Immigration to Canada for Pakistani candidates who want Express Entry in Canada. These changes are beneficial for those who have been working in Canada and have completed the required period of one year. This will give benefit in the following two lines;

  • The candidate having a work permit issued according to international agreement policies e.g. North American Free Trade Agreement.
  • The candidate having a work permit issued according to Intra Company Transfer policies.

The above mentioned new changes will give 50 to 200 Top 3 Helping Tips to Improve Your Rankings for Express Entry Canadapoints without obtaining a certificate from Labor Market Impact Assessment and will boost your profile for Canada Immigration Express Entry.


3- Improve your Personal Qualifications and Skills

The most important aspect in Comprehensive Ranking System is to improve your personal qualifications and skills to get 600 points to improve your ranking for Canada Immigration. These qualifications are termed as Factors which includes your age, your work experience, and your language proficiency skill.

If you will improve these personal qualifications and skills you will get the highest ranking for the Canadian Immigration Express Entry pool in Comprehensive Ranking System. The Government is trying to fill the shortage in the workers sectors.

Minimum Eligibility to File Application for Nova Scotia PNP

Minimum Eligibility to File Application for Nova Scotia PNP

Nova Scotia is one of the beautiful provinces of Canada. It is a 2nd smallest province with an ideal population rate. Provincial Nomination Program is one of the ways to move to Canada. Immigration to Canada is very popular in present time.

Minimum Eligibility to File Application for Nova Scotia PNP
Business People Team Business Meeting Workplace

Canada is offering different immigration programs through which more and more immigrants are allowed to enter. This is basically for the purpose to make them eligible to invest in the Canadian business. The eligibility criteria are fixed to some extents. The government can change any rule, amend, or add at any time.

There are some eligibility criteria to apply for Canada PNP. An applicant must possess the following requirements to become eligible for NSPNP;

  • Minimum age is 21 years
  • Net business and personal assets should be worth $600000 CAD at least, which is verified by the NSOI
  • Provide details of your way of net earnings through legal means and must be verified by NSOI
  • You must have business experience, which is three years in case of business ownership and more than five years in case of senior business management
  • Undertaking to establish or purchase a business of worth $150000 CAD as an investment in Nova Scotia
  • Provide proof of language proficiency, which is verified/approved by the language testing agency
  • Your listening, speaking, writing, and reading abilities are equal to Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5

Minimum Eligibility to File Application for Nova Scotia PNP

The language testing agency under Provincial Nomination Program approved the following tests;

  • English includes two tests, which are IELTS and Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program CELPIP
  • French includes a Test d’évaluation de français (TEF). These language tests are to be held within two years of Expression of interest submission
  • You have a Canadian high school diploma or some equivalent foreign degree, which I verified by the Educational Credential Assessment. But, this must be within 5 years before EOI
  • Provide business establishment plan with the proper knowledge to explain it foolproof
  • Undertaking to reside in Nova Scotia as per the provided conditions

Canada Provincial Nomination Program is available if you possess the certain required skill set. You must show your interest to contribute to the Canadian economy through Expression of Interest. If you are from Pakistan and looking for Canadian immigration for Pakistanis then you must apply for NSPNP to pursue bright and prosperous future in Canada.

15 Unbelievable Facts You Must Know About Canada

15 Unbelievable Facts You Must Know About Canada

Canada is a land of opportunity. Here are some unbelievable facts about world’s 2nd largest country. This country has ten provinces and three territories. Without further ado, let’s know mind-blowing facts;

Unbelievable facts about Canada

  1. World’s 2nd Largest Country

Canada has a vast area of 9985 million km square, which makes this country a 2nd largest country in the world. Moreover, Russia is at 1st number having 17.1 million km square area.

15 Unbelievable Facts You Must Know About Canada

  1. Huge Macaroni and Cheese consumption

Macaroni and cheese are the favorite food of the entire Canadians. No other nation in the world has reached the intake rate as the Canadians.

  1. Polar Bear Encounters

The example of generosity in the Canadians is to welcome the polar bears. Canadian people heartily provide a safe way to move for the polar preheaters from the Churchill city.

  1. A Land Filled with Lakes

There are a large number of lakes in Canada. As an example, the Ontario province own more than 250000 lakes, which makes this province a significant image in the world.

  1. Registered license Plates with the shape of a polar bear

Canadians offer their love for polar bears in the very interesting way. They apply for registration of their vehicles for the number plates, which are in the shape of a polar bear. This shows their love for those wild beasts.

  1. Largest Coast Line

This country has the largest coastline and full of natural sceneries for the visitors. Since coastline measurement is controversial, some maps may not show Canada having the largest coastline. But despite that, you will have a lot of beaches to enjoy in this country.

  1. Letters to Santa Claus

This is an interesting reality that every year, round about 1 million letters for Santa Claus are being written by the Canadians. Another amazing aspect of these letters is the postal code, which is “HOH OHO, North Pole, Canada.”

  1. Longest Streets in the World

Canada possesses the longest street in the world. The Yonge Street is stretched up to the mind-blowing length of 1896 km

  1. Border Without Defense

The Canada Us border is without a defense that there are no troops are deputed to save the territory of both countries.

  1. Official Phone Numbers in Canada Possess the Name of the Country

This will admire you that all official numbers in Canada are having the country name in the end. This bears some important information like services, programs, and initiatives of the Government.

  1. Flying chair

One day a Canadian citizen in Calgary flew with 100 balloons over the garden and police caught him soon after he touched the ground.

  1. No Rat in Alberta

Alberta province is quite free from rats and all its species. Therefore, Alberta is known as Rat free province of Canada in the world.

  1. Hawaiian Pizza

Hawaiian Pizza is first time made and introduced in Canada. Those who love to eat pizza also know about this fact.

15 Unbelievable Facts You Must Know About Canada

  1. Many Different Immigration Streams

There are ten provinces and three territories in Canada which are offering different immigration streams independently.

  1. Currency Used as Playing Cards

Once due to a shortage of coins, the government gives authorization to the general people to use play cards as currency notes.

Canadian Immigration is a very famous immigration destination for the immigrants. There are a lot of chances to get immigration to the maple country quickly. If you are a Pakistani national and looking for Immigration to Canada, then you must go ahead in this time when there are so many chances of success.

Immigration to Canada Through Business Category

Minimum Eligibility to File Application for Nova Scotia PNP

There are three main categories that you can apply under in Canada if you are immigrating under the business class program. No matter which category you apply under you will be expected to contribute to Canada’s growing economy by owning and managing a business.

Immigration to Canada Through Business Category

The business immigration class program encourages business people to immigrate to Canada and put their past experience in business to good use, creating jobs, increasing both their company’s wealth and Canada’s economy, and helping to train others in a skill or vocation.

Canada’s three business class categories are:

Investor: This is an expensive route to take when immigrating. Each year Canada accepts only 700 investors in the Federal Immigrant Investor Program. There will be no more opening for this category until July 1, 2012 as the quota it full for 2011. Investors must be willing to invest C$800,000 into Canada’s economy and this investment will be managed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

The investment is guaranteed by the Canadian provinces which use the investment to create more jobs and grow their economy. Your investment will be returned, without interest, approximately 5 years and 2 months after you make the initial payment. This investment must be made before your permanent resident visa will be issued.

Entrepreneurs: As of July 1, 2011 the Canadian immigration office has stopped accepting applications for this category. This has been closed until further notice so it could be a long wait.

Self-employed persons: In order to qualify as a self-employed immigrant you will have to be able to prove that you have been self-employed for at least two years, and that you intend to support yourself with this type of work once you immigrate to Canada. You will also have to pass a medical, criminal, and security check. There are three areas you can choose from for self-employment, these are:

  1. Cultural
  2. Athletic activities
  3. Purchase or manage a farm

Cultural activities is a confusing designation, it covers a wide range of occupations. Writers, authors, musicians, actors/actresses, graphic design, interior design, painters, sculptors, as well as many others fall under this category. Athletic activities could be coaching, referee, or managing a team. Owning or managing a farm is self-explanatory, but keep in mind that the farm has to show a profit. It can’t just be used to support or feed your family.

Immigration to Canada Through Business Category

The self-employed program does not have a minimum net worth that you have to prove. However, you will have to be able to prove that you have enough income or savings to provide for yourself and your family while you are getting settled and beginning work. This includes enough to buy or rent a home, pay utilities, supply groceries, clothing and other basic needs.

This is the best way to get Immigration to Canada. If you are a Pakistani National and looking for Canadian Visa then you can make your dreams true under business immigration category.

Are You Planing to Move to Canada

Are You Planing to Move to Canada

When it comes to immigrating to Canada, having a Canadian Immigration lawyer help you fill out the needed forms to successfully become a citizen of Canada is essential for making your transition smoother. Immigrating to Canada has required forms to fill out and each of these forms are for a specific type of person. Knowing what forms to fill out and when can seem overwhelming at the least.

Are You Planing to Move to Canada

No one wants to get all set for the big day only to find out that all the paperwork is not completed. As you take time to read over all the forms for filing, then deciding what type of immigration class you fall under and finally what documentation you need to provide, can feel overwhelmed quickly.

Did you know that there are 10 different types of Immigration types? Did you also know that there are specific types of Immigration Classes for those that live in Canada while filing and then separate forms for those that do not? Have you learned during your research that there is more than one type of employment class for immigration?

There are also those that wish to immigrate to Canada that fall under Sponsorship by a family member or a private sponsor. There are also those that are Canadian residents that had to stay outside of Canada for more than six months and wish to return.

There are also three other ways file for immigration into Canada, one is if you have been a resident of Canada for more than three years, applying to find proof of citizenship or also called the citizenship certificate and the search for citizenship record. You can file the proof of citizenship whether you are in Canada or outside of it.

Are You Planing to Move to Canada

Knowing all of this information is impossible unless you are specialized in Canadian immigration. Your Canadian Immigration consultant however has studied for years and currently deals with this on a daily basis. Having that kind of experience and know-how on your side while filing possibly the most important papers of your life only makes good common sense.

There is a lot of time required to filing for Immigration to Canada, spending that time wisely is by getting a Canadian Immigration is the best way that you can spend it. Immigrating to Canada should be a time of joy and planning, let a specialist take care of all the preparation required and start your new future off the right way.

Quick and Easy Process to Get Canadian Immigration

Canadian Immigration is a wonderful experience for all citizens of world irrespective of race and religion. Canada is a multicultural society and a great place to live and gives numerous opportunities to new comers. The prominent immigrants groups in Canada are Americans, Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis, and Filipinos.

Canadian government is pleased to welcome thousands of immigrants from all over the world. More than 245,000 people immigrated to Canada in 2008 under skilled worker category.

Canadian Government has established a body namely CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) to assist people who want to immigrate. CIC has defined some policies and procedures for Immigration. The most famous category of Immigration defined by CIC is Skilled Worker, in which an individual has to attain minimum 67 points to get eligible under skilled worker.

The 67 points are based on age, experience, qualification, language skills and adaptability. In addition, you have to have at least 1 year experience in the defined professions list by CIC. These occupations are the most demanded occupations in Canadian job market nowadays. There are a total of 38 hot occupations.

Quick and Easy Process to Get Canadian Immigration

The other methods through which you can immigrate to Canada are:

1. Family Sponsorship: If you have a blood relative in Canada you can immigrate to Canada easily.

2. Work Permit: If a job has been offered to you by a Canadian employer than you can get a work permit and after working in Canada for 2 years you can be a permanent resident.

3. Study Permit: If you get admission in any college or university of Canada you will be issued a study permit by your local Canadian High Commission. After completion of your studies, government will grant you the status of Immigrant.

4. Business Class: If you want to invest a heavy capital in Canada (approx 250,000 CAD) than you can get immigration.

5 Refugee and Protection: This category applies on those who have a threat of their life in their home country. Canadian government assists these kind of people and give them the residence in Canada with refugee status.

Immigration to Canada under the above mentioned categories are very quick and easy for you. You must select one of them to get immigration quickly. If you are a Pakistani and looking for Canadian Immigration then you must move under any category to peruse your bright future.

Requirement for Skilled Immigration to Canada

Requirement for Skilled Immigration to Canad

Canada is still one of the most liberal and welcoming nations on earth when it comes to immigrating. In the last few years, millions and their families have immigrated to Canada and settled. The high standard of living in Canada coupled with the low crime rate continues to attract hordes of people from many different countries. One of the best ways to immigrate to Canada is as a skilled worker. Let us examine a few ways of doing this:

Federal skilled worker applications

Those that were received on or after February 27, 2008 are now being assessed for eligibility by the Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism. Your application is deemed eligible if:

1. You possess a pre-arranged offer for employment from a registered company operating in Canada.

2. You are a foreigner already living in Canada legally for more than a year or

3. You are an international student in legal status or

4. You are a skilled worker with at least a year or more experience in the eligible professionals stated on the form.

5. You possess work experience which requires Skill Type 0 (managerial occupations) or Skill Level A (professional occupations) or B (technical occupations and skilled trades) as stipulated on the Canadian National Occupational Classification list, AND

6. You must have had this experience within the last 10 years.

The above are the factors that the Canadian immigration uses to assess eligibility to be admitted into Canada with a work Visa. Once your application is deemed eligible, it is then passed through an additional screening process which is gauges:

Requirement for Skilled Immigration to Canad

The Canadian immigration screening process

a. Your academic achievements
b. Your age
c. Your overall work experience
d. Your ability to speak and write English or French.

You must also show proof of financial responsibility in that you have enough money to support yourself and your dependants for the first few months of arrival. Most put this cap at $10,000.

Many people get discouraged by these requirements but if you examine them closely, you realize that they are more lenient than most of the immigration requirements of most countries, for instance, the US and the EU.

The financial responsibility part also acts as a barrier for many people especially those who have little income. But you must understand that as a country, Canada must safeguard its welfare system.

Skilled Immigration to Canada is not a big deal in current time. If you posses the certain requirement then Canada will be your favorite destination. Every second national form the world have a wish to migrate to Canada.

3 Canadian Cities Become Most Livable Places in the World

Canadian Immigration from Pakistan

As the Canada has a stable ranking in the most favorite country to live a quality life. Recently three cities touch the highest position in the list of top livable cities of the world. Moreover, the life style and health sector have become the most attractive elements among the others.

Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver are these cities and many of us know very well that these are the most favorite place for cultural and sports like activates around the world. If we put a deep eye over the report of global Livability for this current year then we will come to know that economists have seen the high graph which is very stable among the other cities.

3 Canadian Cities Become Most Livable Places in the World

Five Important Categories

Nearly one hundred and forty cities have shared the rank and five categories are become the top attractions to ascertain the quality life in them.

  1. Stability
  2. Healthcare
  3. Culture and environment
  4. Education
  5. Infrastructure

Cities Ranking in the Chart

Melbourne and Vienna are at the top two positions and Vancouver holds the third position. Now, at the number fourth Toronto and at number fifth the Calgary are fixed. The positions of Toronto, Calgary, and Melbourne are very amazing because these three cities held their position for consecutive three years.

Some Specific Points Systems

The unique points system of the report is the different point system between the Melbourne and Vancouver is only just 0.2 percent and Toronto is chasing them with the difference of 0.3 percent.

If we see the report then we observe that these 3 Canadian cities got 100 out of 100 marks in the education and health sector. On the other side, Toronto and Calgary obtained 100% marks in stability category.  Moreover, Vancouver obtained full marks in environment and culture category.

Canadian Immigration

The said report reveals that the policies of Mr. Trump lower the ranking of different countries of UK and USA. As everybody knows that security and the stability are the most important and basic elements. Immigrants from all over the world chose Canada as their favorite destination to live and work together.

Attractive Destinations for Immigrants

Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver are the most attractive destination for the immigrants across the globe. The most amazing fact of the Toronto city is that more than the half population of this city is not native. Canada has ten provinces and three categories and all of them have their own Provincial Nominee Program.

Canadian Immigration from Pakistan is now very much easy, you only need to possess the required set of skills and simply apply for your concerned immigration program. Recently an attractive program for students were on the way to allow more and more aspirants to enter in to the maple country.

Immigrants arrive at the Canada through different options as mentioned below:

  • As economic immigrant
  • Through family sponsorship category
  • Through refugee and humanitarian base

Levels Plan for Canadian Immigration in 2017

Good news for those who are planning for Canadian Immigration is that approximately 57% aspirants of the three hundred thousand in number will be utilized through the economic category. So that the Federal Express Entry system, as usual, remains the most prominent factor. Moreover, those who are planning for the first time to apply for Canadian Immigration will also get the same benefits.

Do You Wish to Study in British Columbia – Canadian Student Visa

Canada remains at the top in the chart of providing immigration. Whether you are a skilled person or a student there are a lot of opportunities exist in Maple country. British Columbia has many high ranked institutions which are very popular around the world.

A large number of Students across the globe wish to get admission in BC educational institutions. No matter you are applying for a recognized program or to learn the English language. If you are planning to get a student visa for BC then you must observe the required criteria.

Once you followed that procedure you will be eligible for Canadian Student Visa. There is an easy procedure available to follow and make your documentation accordingly. Important steps are provided below to follow for Study visa in British Columbia:

Choose Your Concerned Institution

Now, First of all, you should choose your concerned institution in which you want to complete your study. There are many different education programs for the students. After this, you can easily enroll yourself in that institution.

If you want to apply in different colleges or schools then you should make a quick research to find out the institutions which are offering your desired program. Moreover, it is very important to check whether your selected institution is recognized by the British Columbia Government.

Do You Wish to Study in British Columbia - Canadian Student Visa

After completing all the necessary steps for selection of institution. Now, if you qualify for the applied course then you will get an acceptance letter. Here is an important step you must take, after getting acceptance letter inquire about the available scholarship to meet the academic needs and living expenses.

Quickly Apply for Study Permit

After getting an acceptance letter, if your course if more than six months duration and you don’t have PR then you must apply to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada for a Study Permit.

Once you got an acceptance letter from the institution, without any delay apply for study permit because the whole procedure will take more than thirty days to complete.

Attachments with Study permit request/application:

  • Attach the proof of acceptance of your admission from the concerned institution
  • Attach the proof that you can easily pamper yourself and afford all study and living expenses (Bank statement as proof)

The next step is to apply for TR visa (Temporary Resident Visa) because you have to live in the province for a certain period and complete your study program.

Verification after Arrival at Canada

After landing in Canada you will have to show/provide your all necessary documents which Canadian Border Services Officer require, as mentioned below:

  • Your Passport.
  • Your TR visa.
  • Reference letter provided by the concerned visa office to whom you were applied.
  • Proof of approved study application.
  • Your financial status that you can afford all your expenses to study and live in Canada.
  • Acceptance letter issued by your concerned institution to which you have applied for enrollment.

Apply for Temporary Work Permit

After getting your regular lectures of the applied course, you must apply for TWP (Temporary Work Permit) which makes you to eligible to work during your study. For more details, you must visit (IRCC) Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

In the work permit, you can get permission for up to 20 hours daily during your stay for study. To Live and study in Canada is very difficult but you can afford easily if you work there in British Columbia.

Canadian Student Visa is the most favorite visa for those who want to study and get permanent residence in Canada. Moreover, your TWP will provide you maximum chances for PR because after getting a work permit you will gain experience and learn the ways to live earning.